Fly Fishing Adventures: Flyce Fishing

Updated: Mar 25

With duck season all but over, I’ve been making visits back to the place in my brain reserved for spring creeks and wild trout.

It’s a little challenging to visualize fish rising to dry flies while shaking my head at 4 inches of snow through the back window, so I started looking through some old videos and pictures.

After reeling through so many memories of wet wading in “perfect” weather, I ran across this unique video. *I’m sorry to bore those of you who have already seen it, but after rewatching it, I couldn't help but share it again.*

What do you get when you mix fly fishing with ice? Why, Flyce fishing of course!

What is flyce fishing you may ask? Chances are you've probably never heard of it. That's because as far as I know, we made the term up. It's a combination of fly/ice fishing.

Ok, a little backstory is required to know what’s actually going on in this video:

We were bored on a cold February morning a couple years ago, and instead of tying flies, wanted to test out my new furled leader. We decided to head to an urban pond that had been stocked with rainbows a few months ago.

This probably doesn’t sound like much of a challenge, (these fish were hand fed for 90% of their lives), until you realize that the water you‘ll be fishing is covered with 2 inches of ice! After walking around the pond and seeing nothing but ice and about to give up, we spotted a 30ft x 30ft section of open water. To our surprise, there were actually fishing rising through the opening!

We had no idea what they were eating, but we threw on a size 16 elk haired caddis. The rest of the story is better told in video format...


Noses Up!

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