Missouri Blue Ribbon Trout Slam

Updated: Jun 3


Missouri's blue ribbon trout slam is a trout fishing challenge that honors anglers for catching wild trout in Missouri's blue ribbon trout streams. Achievements are divided into three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

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Best Flies for the Missouri Trout slam


To some people's surprise, Missouri has miles of high quality trout streams running through it. Most who do know about the trout opportunities in Missouri, are familiar with the trout parks and more popular waters that are frequently stocked by the MDC.

But did you know that Missouri also has several miles of water that support wild, naturally reproducing populations of trout? The Missouri department of conservation is hosting the blue ribbon trout slam as a way to encourage anglers from both in and out of state to explore these unique waterways.

How to qualify for the Missouri Blue Ribbon Trout Slam?

To qualify for the Missouri Blue Ribbon Trout Slam achievements, anglers must catch trout from Missouri's streams that are designated as blue ribbon trout areas. Awards are given based upon three levels of accomplishment.

The three different levels of accomplishment for blue ribbon trout slam are:


  • Trout from 5 of the 9 blue ribbon waters

  • Award: Bronze pin and certificate


  • Trout from 7 of the 9 blue ribbon waters

  • Award: Silver pin and certificate


  • Trout from all 9 of the blue ribbon waters

  • Award: Gold pin, certificate, and medallion

Which streams are included in the Missouri Trout slam?

The 9 trout streams included in the Missouri Blue Ribbon Trout slam:

  1. Barren Fork Creek

  2. Blue Springs Creek

  3. Crane Creek

  4. Current River (Blue ribbon section)

  5. Eleven Point River

  6. Little Piney Creek

  7. Mill Creek

  8. North Fork of the White River

  9. Spring Creek

Only Missouri Streams with naturally reproducing wild trout count towards completing the Missouri blue ribbon trout slam. Trout caught outside of these waters do not count toward the angling achievements.

This article is about the trout slam itself. The book shown below by Chuck and Sharon Tryon isn't specifically about the slam, but it's a great resource for learning more about trout fishing in Missouri: Click on the image below to check out pricing on Amazon.

Missouri Blue Ribbon Trout Slam Streams Maps

Barren Fork Creek


Blue Springs Creek


Crane Creek


Current River


Eleven Point River


Little Piney Creek


Mill Creek


North Fork of the White River


Spring Creek


Best time of year to fish in Missouri

The best times of year to fish the Missouri blue ribbon trout slam streams are spring and fall. During the summer, the water can be too low and clear to hide from trout. In the winter months, they often become lethargic and eat less frequently.


Spring in Missouri kicks off the mayfly and caddis hatches. Little Blue Wing Olives, Sulphurs, Little Black Caddis, and Green Caddis all start to appear during these months.


During the dog days of summer, the dry fly action slows down. It doesn't come to a halt though. Many Missouri streams have prolific trico hatches and spinner falls, and almost every stream has hoppers and ants falling into the water along the banks. Click here to read our article about terrestrials.


With the leaves changes and temperatures cooling off, mayflies and caddis flies begin to reappear on Missouri streams. During these months, you'll find Blue Wing Olives, Slate Winged Mahoganys, Tan Caddis, and Summer Sedges.


When temperatures begin to drop near freezing in Missouri, the vast majority of mayflies and caddis take a break from hatching. One exception to this is midges. They can be found on almost any Missouri stream, and with the right pattern, trout will continue to feed at the surface.

Best flies for Missouri Trout Slam:

1. Kilnkhammer: size 16-18

2. Foam Hopper: size: 10-16

3. X Caddis: size 16-18

4. Griffith's Gnat: size 20-22

5. Pheasant Tail Nymph: size 16-20

6. Zebra Midge: size 22-26

Since all of Missouri Blue Ribbon waters are springs creeks, it's worth mentioning Mike Lawson's book titled "Spring Creeks". It's a great resource for strategies specific to these types of waters. Click the below to check out pricing on Amazon.


How to report a catch

To report a Missouri Blue Ribbon Trout Slam catch, electronically submit an entry form to the Missouri Department of Conservation. This can be done at any time and multiple catches can be recorded on the same day.

Click here to submit your entry.

How long do I have to complete the Missouri trout slam?

There is no time limit on when the Missouri blue ribbon trout slam has to be completed by, and catches carry over from year to year. Any trout caught after January 1st 2020 counts toward the slam's achievements.

Do I need to take a picture for proof?

A picture is not required for proof of your catch for the Missouri Blue Ribbon Trout Slam. You can voluntarily submit a picture by following the instructions found on the MDC website.

Click here for instructions on how to share photos of your catch.

What type of lures can be used for the slam?

Only flies and artificial lures may be used in Missouri's blue ribbon waters. Soft plastic baits and natural scented baits are prohibited.

Gigging, bowfishing and using an atlatl are prohibited. Fish taken by these methods may not be possessed on these waters or their banks.

Do I have to register to begin the slam?

No registration is require to start participating in the slam. The only documentation needed is recording your catch electronically through the MDC system.

Who can participate in the slam and how much does it cost?

Anyone from any state with a valid Missouri fishing license and trout stamp can participate in the trout slam. There is no cost to participate other than the license and stamp.